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I have taken no shortcuts in developing Dr. Jen's Natural Oral Care Products.  I spent years working with top chemists using clinically proven ingredients to create remineralizing toothpaste without the toxic ingredients that are found in most brands.   Unlike other remineralizing kinds of toothpaste, all of my remineralizing toothpastes contain the 10% concentration levels of nHAp required for the equivalent cavity protection as fluoride. 

I am looking forward to working with you to help your patients have healthier smiles.

As a dental professional, it's important to have confidence in the products you use.

That's why we offer sample orders to help you experience the quality and effectiveness of our products.

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Dr. Chris Stansburry Orthodontist

With many of my patients seeking oral care products free from propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, and artificial flavoring, I did an extension search on natural toothpaste. Dr Jen’s was the only brand I discovered using safe and science-backed ingredients. I have seen less plaque build-up and stronger enamel with my patients using Dr Jen’s.  This is the only toothpaste I recommend for my patients.

Dr. Tonya Volk

I started recommending Dr. Jen’s paste to my patients eight months ago. When these patients have returned for their recall appointment, I have been pleasantly surprised to hear not only how much they enjoy the flavor of the toothpaste but I have seen a decrease in the levels of their calculus accumulation. Additionally, many patients have told me that the toothpaste has decreased their morning breath. I strongly recommend this paste to my patients. Dr Tonya Volk

Dr Nicole Peters

After researching other natural brands of toothpaste, I found Dr Jen’s toothpaste was the only brand using proper levels of nano Hydroxyapatite to be effective with remineralizing enamel.  Dr Nicole Peters

Jay Brimhall, DDS

"Seriously, my kids LOVE this stuff. I used to fight them to brush their teeth but now they run to do it. Amazing piece of mind that they are brushing with such a high quality product as well that I know is doing good for them."

Dr. Samatha Nelson, DDS

"Dr Jen's Super Paste is made by a real dentist using two proven ingredients to remineralize tooth enamel. It is natural, tastes great, and is gentle on teeth and gums."