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Dr Jen Natural Toothpaste is like no other.

Introducing our uniquely crafted natural toothpaste created by a licensed Dentist using natural  & and nourishing proven ingredients to remineralize tooth enamel to help prevent tooth decay.

Clinically Proven Protection

Dentist Developed & Approved

Made With 100% Safe & Natural Ingredients

Over 360,000 Stronger Smiles

All of the Good Stuff, none of the bad.

Dr. Jen toothpastes give you the best ingredients for the good of you and the environment. All our products are made from natural and sustainable ingredients and biodegradable materials.

• No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
• No Titanium Dioxide
• No Propylene Glycol
• No Artificial Color
• Parabens Free

#1 Natural Toothpaste

Dental Profesionals Choose Dr.Jen’s

Dr. Tonya Volk

"Dr Jen's toothpaste and floss are the only way to go. They are made with only healthy ingredients (check the ingredients on other labels to compare) by a world-known orthodontist. Thank you for making products we can use and feel good about , Dr Jen!"

Dr. Chris Stansburry Orthodontist

"When I normally went for my 6-month checkup, my dentist usually found a few areas of inflammation regardless of how much I brushed and flossed. It was so frustrating. Since I started using Dr Jen's toothpaste, there has been not trace of inflammation! Dr Jen's toothpaste is only made with the high quality natural ingredients and formulated by dental healthcare professionals. I highly recommend Dr Jen's toothpaste."

Jae Brimhall, DDS

"Seriously, my kids LOVE this stuff. I used to fight them to brush their teeth but now they run to do it. Amazing piece of mind that they are brushing with such a high quality product as well that I know is doing good for them."

Simon Broccard, DDS

"I recommend Dr Jen Toothpaste to all my friends. Dr Jen's natural ingredients are nontoxic yet have safe tooth strengthen ingredients. Also tastes great and safely whitens my teeth."

Kristi. Licensed Dental Assistant

"Dr Jen's toothpaste makes my teeth feel silky smooth while safely whitening my teeth. It has great-tasting peppermint oil that helps kill bad bacteria while creating fresh breath. I highly recommend using Dr Jen's!"

Ross E. Dental Student

"I used to use charcoal toothpaste before I found Dr Jen's. Now I'm remineralizing my teeth with a natural toothpaste that tastes amazing!"

Dr. Peters

"Dr Jen's Natural toothpaste uses clinically proven remineralizing ingredients to help stop tooth decay. Tastes great and freshens breath. I highly recommend it."

Over 360,000 Stronger Smiles

"I recommend Dr Jen Toothpaste to all my friends. Dr Jen's natural ingredients are nontoxic yet have safe tooth strengthen ingredients. Also tastes great and safely whitens my teeth."

Elizabeth M. - Verified Buyer

"I really like the not so overpowered scent/flavor"

Daiken A. - Verified Buyer

"I stopped using Sensodyne when I discovered it contained Potassium Nitrate to numb my teeth (same ingredient to make explosives). Now I use Dr Jen's nano Hydroxyapatite, which is safe to swallow and also has helped to whiten my teeth!"

Peter E. - Verified Buyer

"I feel like my teeth have gotten whiter I’m not sure if that was part of it or not. Taste isn’t so bad. I usually don’t like mint at all"

Amber W. - Verified Buyer

"After trying many different natural toothpastes, Dr Jen is the best! My teeth are whiter, cleaner and I love the taste."

Amanda - Verified Buyer

Non-Toxic & Nourishing

Safely remineralize your teeth with Dr.Jen’s flouride-Free toothpaste. Clinically proven to fight decay and strengthen and whiten teeth naturally. Our advanced formula is non-toxic and safe to swallow.

Hydroxyapatite Super Paste

Dr. Jen’s Super Paste Includes safe and non-toxic Nano-Hydroxyapetite, proven to remineralize and strengthen teeth.

All-Natural Ingredients. All-Day Fresh Breath.

Our toothpaste is not only effective at remineralizing teeth, but also tastes delicious. Dr.Jen’s proprietary blend is the perfect balance of all-natural ingredients to help fight mouth microbiome for fresh breath
and whiter teeth. . . naturally.

Backed by over 25 years of Dental Experience

Dr. Jen’s 30 Day Smile Guarantee

If your teeth are not happy, we’re not happy and your toothpaste is on us!

Perfectly designed with kids in mind.

The ultimate flouride-free, strengthening, all natural and healthy toothpaste that tastes great at the same time!

We use only the safest ingredients to build strong teeth, restore enamel, and give your kids something to smile about when they brush their teeth.