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Does toothpaste need the full 10% nHAp to deliver optimal results?

How does nano Hydroxyapatite work in toothpaste?

Nanohydroxyapatite vs. Fluoride: A Comparative Analysis

In this video, Dr. Jens and I discuss the differences between nanohydroxyapatite and fluoride in terms of their effectiveness in dental care. We explore how fluoride helps reduce demineralization and promotes remineralization by lowering the critical pH of enamel. However, we also highlight the limitations of fluoride, especially in cases of dry mouth or zerostomia. We then delve into the unique properties of nanohydroxyapatite, including its ability to reduce biofilm, adhere to enamel surfaces, penetrate surface pores, and manage hypersensitivity. We also mention studies that demonstrate the efficacy of nanohydroxyapatite in remineralizing enamel. Overall, this video provides valuable insights into the benefits and considerations of both nanohydroxyapatite and fluoride in dental care.

 What happens when you combine nHAp with fluoride?

Is Nano Hydroxyapatite Safe to Swallow? 👀

Hi, it's Peter from Dr. Jen's research team. In this video, we address the question of whether it's safe to swallow nano Hydroxyapatite toothpaste. We discuss the composition of Nano Hydroxyapatite, the pH levels in our stomach, and the European Commission's study on nano-sized crystals. Watch to learn more about the safety guidelines and the benefits of Nano Hydroxyapatite toothpaste. No action is requested from viewers.